About us

Measure thrice, cut once

We are a family-run business. The foundations were made more than 25 years ago. These have been years filled with hard work, passion and dedication. We have worked with clients from Europe, the USA and Canada and we have never stopped improving and learning by continuously producing various, stylish models of exceptional quality.

Our main goal is to deliver comfortable, elegant, practical and enduring clothes. We are constantly looking for the most appropriate and advanced equipment for our work. Our experience and skills grow with the annually growing challenges in fashion trends and creative designs. Nevertheless, at the heart of our work remains the masterful workmanship of even the simplest t-shirt.

Our customers depend on us to deliver a perfection that shines through every detail which maintains their brand image. So too we depend on our suppliers. Therefore, we set a high standard of quality for the fabrics and materials we use in our production. All so we achieve the exquisite quality we strive to guarantee.